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Starting Up a Business in Qatar and Approximate Set Up Cost

Updated: Jul 7

Do you know that all foreign companies and firms established in Qatar are owned by Qatar nationals? Whether or not its a single person or a corporation of Qataris as long as a certain company or firm’s shares must be owned by a Qatari not less than 51%?

No doubt Qatar is by far one of the most booming countries by virtue of its economy!

How does a foreign investor can successfully establish his dream of a business venture in Qatar?

To start with, one must comply the following documents accordingly:

  • Commercial Residence - more commonly known as the CR.

  • Trade License - refers to a legal office space under your CR.

  • Computer Card - also known as Signature Card or Khaid Munshiah), which is used to issue Residence Permits (RP) for your employees.

Investors that are seeking for a commercial registration must be knowledgeable of the structural options or the business categories in Qatar: Sole Establishment , Sole Proprietorship Company, and Limited Liability Company (LLC Qatar) in which the latter is mostly applied for wherein the entity should have one or more Qatari national partner whose owns not less than 51% of the company shares.

Engineering Consultancy License in Qatar

Foreign investors who would want to venture on Engineering Firms / Consultancy License will have to accomplish a license under the latest Qatari Engineering Law. Our company will be at its best effort to guide you all the way.

Enrollment in the ‘Register of Engineers’ and the ‘Register of Local Engineering Consultancy Offices’ or ‘Register of International Engineering Consultancy Offices’ play a vital role in obtaining a license to exercise in the Engineering field.

For starting an Engineering Consultancy, you must have to obtain CV of a particular number of UPDA registered engineers. The size of your office also matters as your proposed office space should be of a certain size to apply for. It should be noted that engineering companies shall obtain additional approvals to ensure that their businesses are compliant with all local requirements.

Below is the list of requirements to accomplish: (You may directly contact us to know the detailed strategy.)

  • Name approval

  • Activity approval

  • CR

  • Tax card

  • Baladiya

  • Computer Card

  • Labor Registration

  • Visa Quota

Free Zone and Economic Zone in Qatar

The Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in Doha is the only established free trade zone in the Country. However, there is another option for foreign companies to set up within the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), which is not a free zone, but does permit 100% foreign ownership.

With this, companies can maintain full ownership of the business without going through restrictions from the free zones allowing them to commercially trade across the country.

However, it must be noted that QFC and QSTP setups are only available to companies that work within certain industries, and companies within the QFC are not permitted to import or export goods, or employ blue-collar workers. Companies should be aware that set ups in free zones and economic zones may also face higher leasing rates and other related fees pertaining to government administration and licenses.



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