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Can I own a 100% Foreign ownership company in Qatar?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Doha city

100% foreign ownership is now permitted under a new foreign investment law

A law repealing law 13 of 2000 that regulated non-Qatari capital investment in economic activity became effective on January 1, 2019.

This new law contains the following key aspects, among others:

• Foreign ownership of up to 100 percent is permitted in all economic sectors as determined by the executive regulations of the New Law for commercial activities carried out by non-Qataris.

The Council of Ministers has decided to exclude certain activities, including banking and insurance (unless exempted by its decision), commercial agencies, and other sectors.

The foreign ownership limit in listed companies on Qatar Exchange has been increased to 49 percent, subject to approval by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In addition to this percentage, the Minister of Commerce and Industry can recommend an increase to the Council of Ministers.

The Repealed Law retains most of its incentives, with a few adjustments.

Except for labor disputes, foreign investors have the right to refer their disputes to international arbitration.

The following entities are not covered by the new law:

1) Companies and individuals who are assigned to extract or manage natural resources under concessions or special contracts, to the extent such agreements do not conflict with the provisions of the new law;

2) Public and private companies set up or participated in by the Government, public institutions, or government-affiliated companies in which the Government participates in partnership with foreign investors in at least 51 percent, as determined by the Commercial Companies Law;

3 ) Companies or natural persons licensed by Qatar Petroleum to conduct petroleum activities or to invest in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

  • Type:Entry and establishment (Ownership and control)Promotion and facilitation (Investment incentives)

  • Industry:There's no specific industry

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